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Sign up now and get early access to Maven. Spots are limited, don't miss out!

Your pet’s life safety well being location activity happiness
in the palm of your hand

Maven provides you a personal vet to track your pet’s safety and health 24/7, including location alerts and early-stage illness detection.

24/7 pet care

Continuous monitoring of your pet’s safety and well being. Be immediately warned of any escape attempts, unusual behaviors or potentially problematic conditions.

Round-the-clock expert help

Improve your pet’s life with tailored insights straight from our vets. Got questions or doubts? Contact them whenever you need via chat or video calls.

Save money and time

Minor clinic visits are replaced by quick interactions, granting you peace of mind about your pet while sparing your wallet and your schedule.

Pets don't talk,
so we help them communicate.

Is your pet safe while you're away?

Maven creates a safe zone around your house. If your dog or cat goes beyond it, your Maven vet will let you and your family know straight away, and you’ll be able to track their updated location in real time.

Is your pet's health at risk?

Your Maven vet continuously monitors your pet’s well being through accurate activity and behavior analysis. If something's wrong, you'll immediately know about it, how it's affecting your buddy, and what to do next.

How does your pet cope with loneliness?

Irregular behaviors like restlessness and frequent barking are flagged and analyzed - so if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety or is not sleeping well, you'll know about it.

Weekly check-ups covering all body systems

Created by our vets specifically for your pet, our check-ups are quick, convenient and decisive, making sure that no symptom goes unnoticed.

Here's a sample - try it out, and our vets will get back to you shortly!

Peace of mind has never been so simple

Maven uses state-of-the-art technology, but you'll hardly notice it. Designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use, it makes sure any family member will be ready to act in your pet's time of need.

Maven Smart Collar icon

Maven Smart Collar

Tracks your pet's location, activity and behavior.

Maven Home basestation icon

Maven Home

Collects the data for analysis and uploads it via Wifi.

Smartphone running Maven App icon

Maven App

Lets family members access your pet's data and your Vet from anywhere.

A wealth of expertise at your disposal 24/7

Maven’s vet team consists of highly trained and skilled professionals, who combine years of experience and passion for their work to accomplish our ultimate mission: helping pets live their best life.

“Maven brings together technology and vet expertise in a way that's unlike anything else before. I believe we're setting a new standard.“

Dr. Joana Babo, DVM

Veterinary Excellence Lead

Dr. Joana Babo Dr. Joana Babo

Making real change happen

Our goal is simple: to guarantee your pet’s well-being and bring you peace of mind. We’ll be there for you, always. Here’s what our beta users are saying!

The future of pet care is almost here.

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