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Dog Ear Infection: How They Can Cause Deafness

If you ever had an ear infection, you know how painful they can be. We sure do not wish our buddies that same level of pain! They can’t talk about it or go to the doctor themselves, and if an infection is left untreated for too long it can develop into a much more serious situation. Those can range from deafness to face paralysis or a full body contamination. This is what you need to know if you suspect your pal is experiencing a dog ear infection.

Common causes of dog ear infections

Bacterial and yeast infections are the most common causes of ear problems in dogs. Allergies, hyperthyroidism, excessive hair and wax, trauma, foreign bodies or tumors are right next on the list.

Regardless of the cause, it’s very important that you spot that something is wrong with your dog as soon as possible. If left untreated for too long, a dog ear infection can result in deafness or trigger several other health complications for your pal.

Warning signs

You should take your buddy to the vet if you notice any bloody, brown or yellow discharge from their ears. Swelling, hair loss around the ear, scabs and crusts inside the outer ear, redness or any abnormal odor are also warning signs. ⚠

Sometimes, however, the symptoms are not visible from the outside. The dog’s behavior can be an indicator that something is wrong. Take your pal to the vet to have their ears checked if they:

  • Keep tilting or shaking their head.
  • Seem to be experiencing hearing loss.
  • Seem in pain when opening their mouth or they’re reluctant to chew.
  • Excessively rub or scratch their ears with their paws, or against objects.
  • Walk in circles.
  • Seem unbalanced or wobbly when walking.
  • Have unusual eye movements.

In more severe cases, when the infection is already spreading through their nervous system, the dog can also experience face paralysis or inability to blink.

What to do if your buddy has a dog ear infection?

First, you need to take your pal to visit the vet ASAP.

Normally, the treatment is quite simple and will only require a thorough cleaning and prescribed drugs to be taken at home. However, any dog ear infection requires a professional analysis to determine the causes and the extent of damage, in order to assess the best course of action. So, don’t attempt to treat the infection by yourself – even if you think it’s nothing major!

Ear infections are common in dogs. Even if a cleaning is not enough, most infections will go away simply by taking stronger prescribed oral and topical medicine. But, again, you should visit a vet as soon as possible to prevent any further complications if you suspect your buddy might be suffering from one.

How to prevent dog ear infections

Preventing ear infections is quite simple. Since most infections are caused by bacteria or fungus, make sure to pat your pal’s ears completely dry after any water-related activity, including bathing. If the dog has dirty ears or is prone to ear infections, you should also clean them often. A vet can indicate how frequently you need to do it and which solution to use to remove the dirt and wax surplus.

Dogs with excessive hair in the outer ear canal should have them removed. This can easily be done by a groomer – or you can ask your vet to teach you the proper method, so you can do it yourself.

The first rule of prevention is checking your dog’s ears frequently to spot anything abnormal, and act on it before an infection is in place!


A dog ear infection can be very painful and result in several health problems for your pal, one of the most obvious being deafness. Prevention is key, but keep in mind that it is essential to know what caused the infection in the first place. It could be a symptom of an underlying health condition, or simply a result of poor ear hygiene. So let’s keep those ears spotless, kids! ✨

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