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Save 30% with coupon HOTDOG30 ☀️
Maven Trustpilot reviews

How Maven works

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We bring pet parents peace of mind while saving you over $735 a year in high-quality routine pet care and emergency consults.

Watch our video

High-quality vet care at your fingertips

The Maven collar gives your Maven vet intimate knowledge of your pet’s past and present – so after a few months, you may actually learn more about your pet’s health than you would going to a clinic for years.

Proactive pet care

  • Make sure you’re feeding your pet the right food
  • Ensure your pet is healthy for their age
  • Get help on whether something is normal or a disease/illness

Quick emergency care

  • Fast consults in case of accidents
  • Quick answers to any questions
  • Triage help with unexpected illness
  • Get help to figure out if your pet is in pain

Routine vet care

  • Assess your pet’s mental health (including anxiety)
  • Support your pet’s joint health
  • Manage your pet’s allergies, skin and ear infections

...and much more!

How to get started


Order your kit

Click here to order your kit.
It will arrive in 5-7 business days. Inside your kit will include everything you need - a collar, a sensor and a home station.


Download the app

Meet your Maven vet - you can start talking to them right away! Text, call or video call each other through our iOS app.


Setup your kit

You’ll get a stylish collar and sensor for each pet, plus a home station that receives all the data. Setup takes 5 minutes!


Worry-free pet parenting

From creating custom diet plans to diagnosing problems or recommending, supplements, your Maven vet is here to help!

On average, Maven pet parents



on unnecessary vet bills, vet visits and medications.

(yearly amount per household)

Why it paysto use Maven

Maven provides you high-quality pet care while sparing your wallet and your schedule. Save hundreds of dollars every year while improving your pet’s health with dedicated vet care!


of vet clinic visits could have been diagnosed virtually.


is the average cost of each clinic visit per pet.

4-6 weeks

is the national average for a pet to be seen by a local clinic.


is the average amount Maven saves pet parents each year.


How we
provide top-quality care

How we provide top-quality care

Data-driven tools for your furry friends

Our industry-leading technology uses our AI-assisted collar and home station to send (securely and confidentially) your pet's data to our top-rated vets. They then pinpoint any unusual behaviors and look for patterns to improve your pet's overall health.

Caring, qualified vets looking out for your fur kid

Our vets schedule a call with you to get to know you and your pet. They assess your pet’s overall health and then look for specific ways to help your buddy feel happier and healthier. Problems we’ve helped with include anxiety, allergies, skin conditions, destructive behaviors, weight issues, limping and more.

No more frantic googling about what's going on

Routine or emergency - our vets are here to answer any questions or concerns you have about your pet's health or behavior, and to help you understand your buddy better.

Don't be alone in an emergency

The scariest part of being a pet parent is when something goes wrong. We can help you figure out what to do when your pet accidentally eats something, is acting weird, or gets hurt. That's why our vets are available 24/7, so you and your pet can rest easy.

Specialized help is just a click away, without the hassle of visiting a vet clinic.
No pet carriers, no crowded waiting rooms, no extra trauma for your pet.

Join Maven for as low as...



Meet Dr. Babo and why she loves Maven

Maven is much more than an online vet service or a pet activity tracker - we’re leveraging the combination of pet data + vet knowledge. The devices capture detailed data, while the app lets the owner provide other clinical information on the pet and their lifestyle. Together, they allow us to ensure the highest quality medical care custom tailored to each pet.

Dr. Joana Babo, DVM
Head of Veterinarian Services

Save hundreds of dollarsby having Maven by your side

Save hundreds of dollars
by having Maven by your side

Local Vet

It can take 4-6 weeks to get an appointment

Must see the problem in person to solve it. Only sees what’s happening at that moment

Might over-prescribe due to lack of data

Might ask you to "wait and see" but still charge you hundreds of dollars for the visit

Issue is only treated when pet shows signs of affliction

Clinic visits can be massively stressful, causing your pet to mask future symptoms

Major complications are unavoidable


Maven Online vet + AI

Emergency consult available instantly

Can see the problem remotely. Has access to the whole picture with previously tracked data

Context provided by activity data helps not to over-medicate your pet

Saves you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary emergency visits and incorrect diagnosis

Issues and illnesses can be detected early due to high-end health tracking software

Low-stress consults from your home or wherever WiFi is available

Major complications can be prevented

Over 80% of vet visits can be done online.
Save yourself time, stress and money with high-quality virtual vet care!

Maven Trustpilot reviews

30-day free return policy

Cancel at anytime

100% satisfaction guaranteed


Here's all you need to get started and begin enjoying Maven's proactive pet care!

Inside your kit you have:

  • a collar
  • a tracker
  • a home station
  • charging cords
  • plugs

Just follow these easy steps to get up and running:

  1. Charge the collar and plug in the home station.
    1. Charging the collar is quick and simple and we include the cords and plugs (North American plug). It only takes about an hour to charge the collar and that’s for a 2 week charge!
    2. The home station stays plugged in so that the data from the collar gets saved.
  2. Download the app while you’re waiting for the collar to charge.
    1. iOS app only. Use your login you created while checking out.
  3. Setup your devices.
    1. Connect your home station to your wifi.
    2. Pair your collar with your home station.
  4. Adjust the collar to your pet
    1. Add the tracker to your collar.
    2. Make sure the tracker’s charging port is facing towards the pet’s tail.
    3. Adjust the collar so it fits comfortably against your pet’s neck. Make sure it’s not too tight.

What’s included in your membership:

All options include access to the whole 24/7 Maven proactive pet care experience!

  • Maven Kit (valued at $225):
    • Collar
    • Tracker
    • Home station
    • Cords and plugs
  • App access (valued at $50/month):
    • Insights into your pet’s health
    • Medication reminders
    • Behavior and activity tracking
    • Sleep tracking
    • And more
  • 24/7 vet access which can cover:
    • routine consults ($50 to $250)
    • emergency consults ($250 if no intervention is needed)
    • diet plans (valued at $500 plus follow-ups)
    • behavior training plans (between $150-$250 per session)
    • illness and disease consults
    • medication advice
    • And more!

How to cancel your membership:

  • Contact our support team [email protected] requesting the cancellation of your membership (at least 5 days before the next monthly payment is due).
  • We cancel your membership and send you a pre-paid return label.
  • Return the kit within 15 calendar days.
  • Once we receive your kit, we check to see if it’s still usable - if it is great! No charge! If it’s broken or parts are missing, we charge retail value (up to $225).

The cost of your Maven membership depends on the number of pets covered and your plan!

We have three easy plans for your convenience. Get 20% off (and more) for plans with 2+ pets.

Total cost per plan:

1 Month12 Month24 Month
1 Pet$25$240$360
2 Pets$45$432$648
3 Pets$60$576$864

We put a temporary hold on your card when you checkout and then the subscription starts on the day you activate your equipment OR 20 days after you order.

Yes, you need an active membership to get vet care.

Right away! You can start talking with your Maven vet by signing up for your membership plan! Just download the Maven iOS app, log in using the credentials you selected during the checkout process, and your Maven vet will be immediately at your disposal!

Not at this time! We actually started as a pet GPS tracker company but we wanted to have a greater impact on improving fur babies’ lives and their pet parents! Which is why Maven was born.

Yes, the Maven collar is perfectly safe for your pet! The sensor emits no harmful radio waves and the collar was designed to be worn comfortably. Also, we have certified our devices according to FCC directives, so they're fully compliant with the regulations.

And yes, the cat version of the Maven collar does include a breakaway mechanism for your feline's safety!

Please note that, like most dog collars available, the dog versions of the Maven collar do not have a breakaway system.