How Maven AI-Vet™ works

We help your vet provide next-level care to your pet while sparing your wallet and reducing stress. Enjoy your buddy’s company and let us worry for you!

We detect issues before they’re noticeable

Maven AI-Vet™ gives your vet intimate knowledge of your pet’s life beyond the clinic, keeping an eye on them 24/7 and flagging issues early on. Here's how it helps at every step of your floof's health journey, from monitoring to diagnosis and follow-up.


  • Unusual activity/rest patterns, odd behaviors or anomalies are flagged
  • Your pet is no longer unsupervised while home alone
  • No more worrying about possible changes you can’t see


  • The diagnostic process has never been so data-based
  • Extensive data analysis helps uncover the whole story behind any issue
  • Precise data collected also helps understand behavioral problems


  • Continuous treatment monitoring facilitates the detection of hidden pain or discomfort
  • Your vet can easily assess how things are going and make any necessary changes
  • Optimized treatment strategies lead to a quicker and more efficient recovery

...and much more!

How does it work?


24/7 health monitoring

We start tracking your pet’s activity and behavior, identifying their unique patterns. Previous medical history and any new symptoms or observations shared by you are also considered.


Ongoing analysis

Your pet's current data is continuously compared with their baseline. Everything is analyzed and cross-referenced by our AI, trained to identify early indicators of health issues.


Immediate follow-up

If anything concerning is detected, your vet is immediately notified so they can look into what’s happening and follow up with you at the earliest stage possible.


Worry-free pet parenting

Your vet reaches out to you to get more information and/or set up an appointment, and decide the best course of action to obtain the best results for your floof!

Why it paysto use Maven

Early detection leads to early intervention and better outcomes. With AI-Vet™ your vet can help your pet at the perfect time, saving you money in the process.


of pet deaths could be avoided if the issues were caught early on.

1 in 3

is the number of pets who need emergency treatment each year.


is when our AI-Vet™ is working to detect any signs of problems.


is the amount of work you need to do to take advantage of AI-Vet™.

How the magic happens

Smart Collar

Contains a cutting-edge sensor that collects detailed pet health data around the clock, including respiratory rate.

Mobile App

Allows you to share your input by answering check-ups, writing journal entries or replying to questions.

Proprietary AI

Delves into your pet’s personal medical history and their breed's health trends to perform a continuous in-depth analysis.


Meet Dr. Jones and why she loves AI-Vet™

As a vet, I can usually pick up on things in a physical exam that owners cannot. With a smart collar on my patient, I can pick up subtle signs that something is off even before I can see it. And the client-facing app is adorable. Once I used it for my patient, I had to have it for my own pets.

Dr. Cameron Jones, DVM
Happy's Vet

Interested in Maven AI-Vet™ but your local vet doesn't offer our service?
Refer them to us and we'll get in touch!

Get the juicy details and share your point of view

Get the juicy details and
share your point of view

The Maven App is how you can keep up with your pet and share your unique perspective.

It gives you access to their latest activity and sleep reports, lets you answer regular check-ups, share observations and any info you deem relevant, among other features.

The feed lets you know how your pet is doing throughout the day.

You’ll receive cards detailing their behavior, making it easier for you to keep up with your buddy even if you’re away. For example, you’ll know when they just took a short nap or had a sudden burst of energy.

Zest measures the amount of activity your pet registers each day in detail.

The ideal daily amount of Zest for your pet’s needs is calculated considering factors like their life stage, lifestyle, unique features or health conditions. That amount is then compared to their actual Zest level on a daily basis, allowing your vet to observe your buddy’s progress over time and giving them the full picture.

You’ll receive regular check-ups covering your pet’s health.

Quick and convenient for you to fill while also being decisive, these check-ups allow our AI to obtain important information that cannot be measured by the smart collar or may have escaped you. No symptom goes unnoticed!

The Journal’s purpose is to be an all-around helpful tool.

It gives you the opportunity to share any relevant information about your pet with your vet (like any potential symptoms or future appointments), upload photos/videos, set up reminders and much more.

Guarantee the best results and worry less with Maven

Guarantee the best results
and worry less with Maven

Regular Vet

Issue is only treated when pet shows obvious signs of affliction

Only sees what’s happening at that moment

Chance of over-prescription due to lack of data

It can take weeks to get an appointment, regardless of the reason

Stress of doubting if your pet is masking symptoms or you're missing signs

Major complications may be unavoidable


Vet + Maven’s

Issues and illnesses are detected early on - even subtle ones

Has access to the whole picture with previously tracked data

Context provided by activity data helps not to over-medicate your pet

If a serious issue is detected, a follow-up appointment is immediately set

Peace of mind of knowing we're continuously looking for any signs of trouble for you

Major complications can be prevented


If your local clinic or practice is already one of our partners, you can join here!
You can also ask your vet about our service and they'll help get started.

If not, refer your vet here and we'll reach out!

The cost of the service depends on the number of pets covered and the duration of your membership. Ask your local clinic or practice and they'll give you all the details!

You will receive a Maven kit, including:

  • 1 collar
  • 1 sensor
  • 1 home station
  • charging cords
  • plugs

Just follow these easy steps to get up and running:

  1. Charge the collar and plug in the home station.
    1. Charging the collar is quick and simple and we include the cords and plugs (North American plug). It only takes about an hour to charge the collar and that’s for a 2 week charge!
    2. The home station stays plugged in so that the data from the collar gets saved.
  2. Download the app while you’re waiting for the collar to charge.
    1. iOS app only (Android app coming soon!). Use your login you created while checking out.
  3. Setup your devices.
    1. Connect your home station to your wifi.
    2. Pair your collar with your home station.
  4. Adjust the collar to your pet
    1. Add the sensor to your collar.
    2. Make sure the sensor’s charging port is facing towards the pet’s tail.
    3. Adjust the collar so it fits comfortably against your pet’s neck. Make sure it’s not too tight.

No, the sensor does not provide GPS tracking.

Yes, the Maven collar is perfectly safe for your pet! The sensor emits no harmful radio waves and the collar was designed to be worn comfortably. Also, we have certified our devices according to FCC directives, so they're fully compliant with the regulations.

And yes, the cat version of the Maven collar does include a breakaway mechanism for your feline's safety!

Please note that, like most dog collars available, the dog versions of the Maven collar do not have a breakaway system.

Contact our support team at [email protected] requesting the cancellation of your membership (at least 5 days before the next monthly payment is due). After we proceed with the cancellation, return your kit to your local clinic or practice.