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🌡️ It's Hot Dog Summer! 🐶
Save 30% with coupon HOTDOG30 ☀️
Maven Trustpilot reviews
iOS Device required
Maven Trustpilot reviews
iOS Device required

Starter bundle

Maven helps your dog or cat live up to 2.5 years longer with our proactive pet care for less than $1 a day. Meet the only smart collar with 24/7 vet and AI monitoring. Ditch the late-night worry and skip 80% of those stressful in-person clinic visits by joining Maven today.

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We use sophisticated technology to monitor and analyze your pet’s activity to provide wholistic pet health care that’s better than any other in-person or remote vet care out there.

How do we do it? By using an industry-leading smart collar that tracks your pet’s activity and runs it through our cutting edge software that AI and top-notch vets use to pinpoint changes in your pet’s health.

The smart collar tracks activity. The home station transmits the data securely. The AI software analyzes patterns. The vets interpret and create custom plans for improving your pet’s mental and physical health.

Here’s who we can help:
  • Chonks who need tasty diets
  • Mature pets with arthritis
  • Rescues who won't relax
  • Kittens who can't stop itching
  • Floofs with separation anxiety
  • and so much more…

Join Maven and unlock the concierge vet experience today. Your pet will be happier and healthier than ever before. We’ve already helped dogs that were misdiagnosed with allergies, cats that needed anxiety help, rescue dogs with reactivity, mature cats with joint pain, and so many more. That’s the power of a personalized vet using smart collar tracking.

Watch our video Watch our video

Watch the video and see for yourself how Maven helps your fur kids live their best life!

What data do you track? (Do you have GPS?)

  • We track the key data for seeing into your pet’s health - sleeping and exercise (how long, how much, what intensity).
  • Our vets and AI review the data and then our vets follow up with specific questions to find out exactly why and what is going on with your pet.

All data is kept confidential and only available to you, your Maven vet and any authorized members of your Maven family.

Currently we don’t offer GPS services.

What conditions or illnesses can you help with?

Our Maven vets create highly effective and fully customized plans to help your pet with:

  • Obesity
  • Anxiety (separation anxiety and general)
  • Reactivity
  • Chronic pain
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • And more

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we’re also able to get ahead of potential developing illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, seizures and more - preventing further complications by helping you take action early on.

Additionally, your concierge vet is always available to assist with you with immediate matters such as upset stomachs, emergency triage or any questions or concerns you might have.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day risk free return policy if you’re not 100% satisfied with our product and service. We cover return shipping with a prepaid label. It’s as easy as emailing our friendly support at [email protected].

The starter bundle includes everything you need to take care of one pet (dog or cat):
  • One smart collar (includes a collar and sensor)
  • One home station
  • Access to our iOS app

(Have more than one pet? Add-on extra smart collars here.)

Our smart collars are available in all sizes and are waterproof (rated IPX7), so they'll keep up with your buddies through water, mud, rain or snow!

Technical requirements:
  • iOS compatible device, running iOS 14 or later.
  • Continuous internet connection for home station (preferably 5ghz WiFi)
  • Internet access for Maven mobile app (WiFi or mobile data connection)


Maven benefits

Help your pet live 2.5 years longer

Animals that are even 10% overweight have their lifespan decreased by ~2.5 years! Follow our vets' personalized guidance and apply their insights to witness your pet's health and happiness improve.

Avoid 80% of stressful clinic visits

Get expert help at a moment's notice and save yourself time, stress and money with our high-quality virtual vet care. We provide emergency and routine consults to make sure you're going to the clinic only when really needed.

Get peace of mind with 24/7 vet monitoring

Stop worrying about your pet's health and well-being! Get the whole picture with continuous data tracking interpreted by a real vet, learn about developing illnesses early on and prevent further complications.

Save hundreds of dollars in pet care services

Diet/nutrition plans, exercise plans, symptom/disease management plans, training plans... All prepared for free upon request and fully personalized to suit each pet's particular characteristics and your lifestyle.

Our membership plans

Silver Plan

Ideal for healthy dogs or cats that you want to protect against future health problems or current one-off health concerns.

/month (1 pet)

Payment of  per year

(About  a day)

Includes $225/month of high-quality pet care services:

  • 24/7 access to high-quality vets who use your pet's data to assess
  • Monthly assessments to track and prevent health scares
  • Custom Zest™ wellness score for proactive health monitoring
On-demand vet access 24/7 (via chat or video calls) up to 7 times a month
Proactive health monitoring with custom Zest™ wellness score
Early detection of diseases and illnesses
Real-time tracking of your pet’s health
Health history tracking
Medication reminders and log
AI (vet-approved) recommendations for improving your pet’s health
Monthly assessments for tracking your pet’s health
Concierge vet assigned to your pet (available 24/7)
Weekly check-ins with your personal vet
Custom diet for personalized nutrition goals
GPS tracking
Most Popular

Gold Plan

Ideal for puppies or kittens, older dogs or cats, or pets with health/behavior problems or post-surgery care.

/month (1 pet)

Payment of  per year

(About  a day)

Includes $1,200/month of premium pet care services:

  • Concierge vet available 24/7 that knows your pet inside and out
  • Weekly assessments to keep on top of your pet's health
  • Custom diet plan for preventing diabetes, hip dysplasia, and other conditions
  • and much more!
Unlimited vet access 24/7 (via chat or on-demand video calls)
Proactive health monitoring with custom Zest™ wellness score
Early detection of diseases and illnesses
Real-time tracking of your pet’s health
Health history tracking
Medication reminders and log
Custom vet recommendations for improving your pet’s health proactively
Concierge vet assigned to your pet (available 24/7)
Weekly check-ins with your personal vet
Custom diet for personalized nutrition goals(Includes 2 updates to plan)
GPS tracking

Here's how we give you and your pet peace of mind!

How Maven helped Diesel


Here's all you need to get started and begin enjoying Maven's proactive pet care!

Inside your kit you have:

  • a collar
  • a tracker
  • a home station
  • charging cords
  • plugs

Just follow these easy steps to get up and running:

  1. Charge the collar and plug in the home station.
    1. Charging the collar is quick and simple and we include the cords and plugs (North American plug). It only takes about an hour to charge the collar and that’s for a 2 week charge!
    2. The home station stays plugged in so that the data from the collar gets saved.
  2. Download the app while you’re waiting for the collar to charge.
    1. iOS app only. Use your login you created while checking out.
  3. Setup your devices.
    1. Connect your home station to your wifi.
    2. Pair your collar with your home station.
  4. Adjust the collar to your pet
    1. Add the tracker to your collar.
    2. Make sure the tracker’s charging port is facing towards the pet’s tail.
    3. Adjust the collar so it fits comfortably against your pet’s neck. Make sure it’s not too tight.

What’s included in your membership:

All options include access to the whole 24/7 Maven proactive pet care experience!

  • Maven Kit (valued at $225):
    • Collar
    • Tracker
    • Home station
    • Cords and plugs
  • App access (valued at $50/month):
    • Insights into your pet’s health
    • Medication reminders
    • Behavior and activity tracking
    • Sleep tracking
    • And more
  • 24/7 vet access which can cover:
    • routine consults ($50 to $250)
    • emergency consults ($250 if no intervention is needed)
    • diet plans (valued at $500 plus follow-ups)
    • behavior training plans (between $150-$250 per session)
    • illness and disease consults
    • medication advice
    • And more!

How to cancel your membership:

  • Contact our support team [email protected] requesting the cancellation of your membership (at least 5 days before the next monthly payment is due).
  • We cancel your membership and send you a pre-paid return label.
  • Return the kit within 15 calendar days.
  • Once we receive your kit, we check to see if it’s still usable - if it is great! No charge! If it’s broken or parts are missing, we charge retail value (up to $225).

The cost of your Maven membership depends on the number of pets covered and your plan!

We have three easy plans for your convenience. Get 20% off (and more) for plans with 2+ pets.

Total cost per plan:

1 Month12 Month24 Month
1 Pet$25$240$360
2 Pets$45$432$648
3 Pets$60$576$864

We put a temporary hold on your card when you checkout and then the subscription starts on the day you activate your equipment OR 20 days after you order.

Yes, you need an active membership to get vet care.

Right away! You can start talking with your Maven vet by signing up for your membership plan! Just download the Maven iOS app, log in using the credentials you selected during the checkout process, and your Maven vet will be immediately at your disposal!

Not at this time! We actually started as a pet GPS tracker company but we wanted to have a greater impact on improving fur babies’ lives and their pet parents! Which is why Maven was born.

Yes, the Maven collar is perfectly safe for your pet! The sensor emits no harmful radio waves and the collar was designed to be worn comfortably. Also, we have certified our devices according to FCC directives, so they're fully compliant with the regulations.

And yes, the cat version of the Maven collar does include a breakaway mechanism for your feline's safety!

Please note that, like most dog collars available, the dog versions of the Maven collar do not have a breakaway system.

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