What if you could increase your pet's life quality and span?

What if you could increase your pet's life quality and span?

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With Maven, we'll keep an eye on your pet 24/7, and let you know when something is wrong so you can enjoy your time with your pet to the fullest.

We'll keep an eye on your pet even when you leave the clinic

Your smart collar gives your vet intimate knowledge of your pet’s past and present. Fully integrated with our system at Veterinary Medical Arts Center, we'll be able to pinpoint when something is wrong early on. It can detect among many other things:

Cardiac Issues

Chronic Anxiety


Sleep Changes


Skin Conditions

Weight Issues


Never guess again!

Besides being able to report everything your pet does that seems off to you, you can also keep up with their day-to-day on your app.

While we monitor their health at Veterinary Medical Arts Center, you can track their day on your phone, wherever you are.

When something is wrong we'll be alerted early on so we know it's time to get involved.

Benefits of using Maven

We'll get the the whole picture together, giving us the data we need to act faster and you peace of mind that you deserve.

Help your pet live longer

Your vet can detect when something is wrong and act on it faster so you can have your furry friend for the longest possible time!

Improve their quality of life

Pet's don't talk so your smart collar helps you understand them better and faster.

Less hassle, more tummy rubs

Sometimes pets hide within small habits that they are in pain. With Maven we can detect small shifts that can make big differences!

Get the peace of mind you deserve today

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