Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Fresh, juicy plums are a delicious treat that many of us enjoy, and may consider sharing with our dogs. But can dogs eat plums, or are they toxic to dogs?

Can dogs eat plums?

Yes, dogs can eat plums, and most dogs will enjoy eating a small amount of this flavorsome fruit. When prepared correctly, plums can be a delicious and healthy snack for your canine friend!

However, as with many human foods, there are certain precautions you need to take when feeding plums to your dog.

What are the health benefits of plums?

You may have heard that dogs cannot eat plums, which is not strictly true. Dogs cannot eat the hard stone at the center of the plum, but if you are prepared to cut the stone out, the flesh is a healthy and nutritious snack that most dogs will enjoy.

Plums are very high in water, making them excellent for keeping your dog refreshed on a hot day. They contain moderate levels of sugar and are high in vitamin C.

These juicy fruits are also packed full of fiber, which is great for maintaining digestive health and regulating blood sugar levels.

What should I be aware of when offering plums to my dog?

The most dangerous part of plums for dogs to eat is the hard central stone. This contains a sugar-cyanide compound that can be toxic to dogs. It may also become lodged in the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract, causing severe digestive problems.

All parts of the plum tree, apart from the flesh of the fruit, are toxic to dogs. This means you should keep the leaves and stalks of the fruit well away from your dog.

Like most commercially-grown fruit, plums are normally sprayed with pesticides that may be detrimental to your dog’s health. The skin of the plum should be thoroughly washed before the fruit is prepared for your dog to eat.

Last but not least, feeding too many plums to your dog can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. This is the case with any fruit which your canine friend enjoys, so moderation is always the key!

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