Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

A freshly-peeled juicy tangerine is a treat that we all enjoy, and you might consider sharing a slice or two with your canine friend. But can dogs eat tangerines, or is this citrus fruit toxic to dogs?

Can dogs eat tangerines?

Yes, your dog can eat a few slices of tangerine! Tangerine can be a delicious and refreshing snack for your canine friend, as long as it is served correctly and safely.

Tangerines have some useful health benefits to dogs, as well as being a tasty reward that can be given during training.

What are the health benefits of tangerines?

The great thing about tangerines is that they contain moderate amounts of sugar, water, and fiber, making them a refreshing and rehydrating treat on a hot day. The fiber will also benefit your dog’s digestive system, helping to maintain gastrointestinal mobility and reduce the risk of constipation.

Tangerines are also high in vitamin C, which has beneficial antioxidant properties. This can help to improve skin and heart health and reduce the risk of cancer-related diseases.

Vitamin C can also help to boost the immune system, by increasing the effectiveness of white blood cells. These cells are a vital part of the mechanism that protects your dog from bacteria and viruses.

What should I be aware of when offering tangerines to my dog?

When feeding tangerines to your dog, the important things to watch for is the peel and high sugar content.

Tangerines are relatively sweet and this can cause gastrointestinal problems if your dog consumes too much. The sugar content also means that this is not a low-calorie treat, and tangerines should not be fed to dogs that are overweight or suffering from diabetes.

The peel of tangerines is not easy for dogs to digest, and it can cause an intestinal blockage if eaten in large amounts. It can also trigger a toxic reaction due to high levels of essential oils in the peel.

These juicy fruits are also quite acidic, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea if they are eaten in large amounts. As with any type of fruit, stick to just one or two segments of tangerine as a delicious and healthy treat for your dog.

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