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Post-op Follow-up for Vets Just Became a Lot More Effective – Here’s How

A lot of pets go through surgeries and various other procedures every day in most veterinary practices. Unfortunately, with most of these surgeries comes a postoperative period of recuperation… One that can often bring along a considerable degree of pain and discomfort. So how can Maven AI-Vet™ help vets better monitor the pet’s recovery during this period? Let’s find out how Maven optimizes post-op follow-up for vets!

How Maven AI-Vet™ works

Maven’s smart collar keeps track of each pet’s daily activity and rest. At the same time, the pet’s human parents and vet can register other relevant information on the companion mobile app, like medical history, new symptoms and any out-of-the-ordinary details that might pop up during the pet’s day-to-day life.

After gathering all this data (along with the information collected from the regular checkups, the pet’s journal and other tools offered by the app to the pet parents), Maven’s AI-Vet™ steps in. By continuously analyzing and cross-referencing all the information available, it can detect if something’s not going according to plan during the post-op period.

For example, the platform can detect if there might be signs of discomfort or pain, or if other potential health problems or complications might be present. If that’s the case, the AI-Vet™ will notify the vet so they can take a better look at the data in question – potentially preventing further complications through early action.

Monitoring for any unusual night activity

A significant increase in nighttime activity can indicate restlessness triggered from discomfort resulting from the surgery. While some level of discomfort may be normal after some interventions, a significant increase in the post-op nighttime activity can be important to detect. It may allow the vet to take the necessary steps to keep the pet as comfortable as possible, by adapting the medication or other strategies.

Not only does Maven facilitate the collection of this data, but the AI-Vet™ will also notify the local vet when it detects possible issues after analyzing it. This process can lead to an easier monitoring of these patients based on concrete data, helping make sure the overall recuperation process goes smoothly.

Keeping up with your pet’s daily activity and its evolution

A consistently low daily activity level not expected during the post-op period might be an indicator of something not going according to plan during this important time frame. If the pain levels are too high, or the dosage of some medications is not right, the pet may show abnormally low or even odd patterns of activity, spend more time laying down and resting or being unable to rest for a longer period than expected.

Additionally, with AI-Vet™ ‘s continuous tracking of the pet’s daily activity level, the vet can not only have access to the platform’s analysis regarding how the recovery process is evolving, but also share the data with the vet surgeon for their interpretation, if necessary. 

Maven is not only about identifying what is wrong. It can also work as a tool to reassure the vet surgeon that the pet is recovering as expected and the post-op plan is turning out as it should.

Always on the lookout for any red flags

By continuously analyzing all the available material about each pet – from data collected every day, like activity and rest tracking, to information regularly updated by the pet parents on the app, such as health check-ups covering all body systems or journal entries, without forgetting the pet’s own traits and medical history… Maven’s AI-Vet™ can detect unusual postoperative signs that might represent red flags for the pet’s full recovery and general well-being.

Final thoughts

Through the accurate monitoring of each pet’s activity and the collection of data during the postoperative period, Maven gains unparalleled access to invaluable information. The AI-Vet™ then utilizes this wealth of knowledge to its fullest extent, making post-op follow-up for vets much easier. 

This data-driven methodology can facilitate the early identification of illnesses in dogs and cats, including any issues that might arise during the post-op period. This way, AI-Vet™ undoubtedly enhances the ability of veterinary practices, clinics, and hospitals to deliver improved care, while not burdening the staff with additional tasks. 

Maven Pet focuses on improving the quality of life of our pets with technology. AI-Vet™, the company’s innovative pet care platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable proactive pet care. By accurately collecting and monitoring pet data and alerting veterinarians of any irregularities, Maven Pet empowers them to stay ahead of potential health issues, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our beloved companions.

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