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7 Cute Dog Breeds To Make You Fall in Love

Who doesn’t love dogs? Our furry friends are completely deserving of all the love and affection we can give them… Regardless of their breed. Having said this, some breeds are especially adorable, and we’re listing some of them on this post. Here are 7 cute dog breeds! ❤️🐕

7. German Shepherd

Smart fellows! German Shepherds are fierce, but have an intelectual side. They’re commonly used as a guard dog – in fact, they’re one of the top guard dog breeds – which speaks for their protective instincts and natural guarding abilities. And who can deny their cuteness?

6. Boston Terrier

These fellows are very calm, friendly and obedient, which makes them an easy-to-train dog breed. Plus, they’re definitely adorable, right? They have a fun side too – let them unleash it, and enjoy the ride!

5. Beagle

One of the cute dog breeds who can also play the “bad boy” role at the same time! Beagles’ floppy ears have a charm of their own, and then they’ll make you fall in love with their playful and “maverick” side! These fellows are very energetic and demand much attention, so make sure to train them well. They’ll pursue those who dare to cuddle them! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

4. French Bulldog

The wrinkles from the small-sized French Bulldog automatically “ask” for petting. Although you’re likely to get your hands dirty with all the slobber and hair this fellow sheds, you won’t even pay attention to it. The French Bulldog is a very cute dog breed indeed! As is the case with Boston Terriers, their fun and “lazy” – yet friendly – side shows through!

3. Siberian Husky 🥉

Searching for strong, but also cute dog breeds? The Siberian Husky may just be the answer! A remarkable taste for adventure will make their tongue come out while laughing… And their deep and intense blue eyes will make anyone fall in love! Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing harshly or if the sun is shining bright – the Siberian Husky is a brave outdoor companion, and others will marvel at their courage and resistance.

2. Golden Retriever 🥈

Majestic, elegant and undoubtely attractive – the Golden Retriever takes the silver medal in our cute dog breeds list! Intelligence, loyalty and grace are some of the main characteristics we look for on the personality of potential life companions… And the Golden Retriever has them all! Make the most of their obedient side by teaching them how to behave. The Golden Retriever is a trustworthy guy who really knows how to love. 

1. Labrador Retriever 🥇

Who else could lift the trophy? The Labrador is number 1, of course! Do not dare to doubt their helpful and compassionate side… The Lab helps blind people, works as a therapyst for children and elders and can be easily trained due to their obedient and loyal soul! Need an energetic companion for adventure? They’re always up for it! Wanna play? Just throw the disc and the Labrador will smile of joy while running to get it! Active, lovable and definitely very cute, the Labrador takes the top spot on our list.

Now it’s your turn: do you agree with our list? What other dog breeds would easily cast a spell on your heart? Share your personal choices with us !

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