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Dog Hiking Gear: 5 Essential Things For Your Kit

If long trail hikes with your dog are your new favorite pastime, you’ll need to consider getting some essential dog hiking gear to keep your canine pal happy and healthy.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking gear out there for you and your pooch!

Dog Hiking Gear: 5 Essential Additions To Your Kit

There’s no better way to keep you and your pooch fit and healthy than by taking hikes through the countryside. But while you’ll both want to travel lightly, there are some items that’ll make life more comfortable for your dog:

#1: Dog Hydration Station

You can’t always rely on coming across a handy stream or pool when your dog needs a thirst-quenching drink! Pack an extra bottle of water for your dog and a collapsible water bowl. Alternatively, there are several types of water bottles for dogs available that incorporate a built-in drinking bowl.

#2: Lightweight Leash

While you might be heading into the wilderness, there will undoubtedly be times when your dog needs to be restrained on a leash. But when your dog does get the chance to run free, you don’t want to be left with a bulky lead to carry around! Many hikers opt for a ‘hands-free’ leash that clips onto your belt or waistband, and a bungee leash will take up less space than a standard rope leash.

#3: Doggy Backpack

If your dog is fit and strong enough, consider investing in a doggy backpack. This way, you can both share the load! A good backpack should be comfortable, breathable, and held in place with secure buckles. Bear in mind that doggy backpacks may not be a good idea in warm weather! They can cause your dog to overheat, so .

#4: First Aid Kit

If you’re heading out onto the trails, be prepared for all eventualities by carrying a first aid kit for dogs. This should include any regular medication your dog takes, as well as bandages, dressings, and antiseptic wipes.

#5: Maven

Should you find yourself and your pup in unexpected circumstances, it’s good to have qualified assistance at your disposal. As long as you have an internet connection on your phone, you’ll be able to message your Maven vet and get quick advice or guidance on any subject via chat or videocall. Whether Fido ate an unknown plant or was stung by a random insect, you’ll quickly know what to do!

By adding these few small items to your kit, you and your dog will be enjoying long, meandering hikes through the wilderness for many years to come!

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