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How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs? Ideas To Beat The Heat

Dogs are our best friends, and just like us, they need to stay cool when the temperature rises. But have you ever wondered, how hot is too hot for dogs?

Let’s shed some light on this sizzling topic and give you some pawsome ideas to beat the heat!

How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs?

There is no straight answer to how much heat dogs can handle. Every dog is different, and it can also depend on other factors such as humidity and ventilation.

However, as a rule of thumb, you should start to be cautious when temperatures creep above 68F (19C). Remember that dogs don’t have sweat glands like we do, so they rely on panting to cool down.

Certain types and breeds of dogs are highly susceptible to heatstroke in hot weather. This includes flat-faced breeds, dogs that are overweight or obese, or dogs with thick, dense fur.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

If it’s scorching outside, and your furry friend starts panting heavily, it’s a clear sign they’re feeling the heat.

So, let’s dive into some tips to help them chill out and enjoy the summer like the cool canines they are!

Tip #1: Hydration Station

Hydration Station: Just like you need a cool drink on a hot day, your pooch needs constant access to fresh water. Keep their water bowl topped up and consider placing multiple bowls around the house or in the backyard.

Tip #2: Indoor Oasis

Create a doggy haven with fans or air conditioning to keep them comfortable. They might even appreciate a cooling mat or a chilled-out spot near a tiled floor.

Tip #3: Fun in the Shade

If you and your pup can’t resist some outdoor adventures, find some shady spots to hang out. Seek out grassy parks or trails with plenty of trees, and don’t forget to pack some water and a collapsible bowl for your furry companion.

Tip #4: Cool Treats Galore

Whip up some delicious and healthy homemade doggy popsicles using chicken broth or freeze slices of banana and watermelon.

Tip #5: Paws Off Hot Surfaces

Remember, your pup’s paws are sensitive and scorching pavement or sand can be painful. Check the temperature of the ground with your hand – if it’s too hot, skip the walk until the sun has gone down.

If you worry that your dog seems to overheat easily during hot weather, Maven’s vet team is here to help you troubleshoot this problem! However, If you notice any worrying symptoms or suspect your dog may be suffering from heatstroke, it is always best to get them checked out straight away.

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