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How To Help A Dog Adjust To A New Home

Moving houses can be quite challenging, and for many this process is a mix of anxiety and excitement for the future. If you are a dog or puppy parent, you may have wondered what you can do to help your pooch in this transition. It’s true that moving houses can be stressful, but moving with your dog does not have to add any more stress to the experience! There are many things you can do to help your dog in this occasion! We’ll walk you through how to help a dog adjust to a new home.

Here are some tips you can follow to make moving with your dog a better experience for you both:

1 – Keep it positive

First things first: you have to be aware that there are no magic tricks. Dogs are usually very aware of their routines, so changes to their surroundings and things they know can trigger some anxiety. That is normal and comprehensive. So just like in other scenarios, you’ll have to be patient and try to make this a positive event for your dog.

If possible, take your pooch to meet the new house. Carefully allow them to explore and sniff around – make it fun and playful! You can be creative, use toys, give some treats and compliments for good behavior.

Exploring the new house is also an opportunity for them to leave their scent, which they will recognize later on. Remember that positive experiences can help your pup or adult dog to adjust more easily to the new place that will be their future home.

2 – Adapt routines

Dogs are social beings, and they enjoy keeping their routines as much as possible. Make sure to prepare ahead of time – before the move, slowly begin to adjust your pet’s routine to what will be the day-to-day in your new home.

If your dog is still a puppy and without a consolidated routine, it can be easier to adjust it by planning a routine that will be easier to follow at your new house. Walks, meals and playtime should be orientated to meet the new schedules you plan to follow. Adult dogs can sometimes be more reluctant to change, however most of them adapt quite well to new routines.

Remember to start slowly, keep consistency and maintain a positive attitude when adjusting your dog’s routine.

3 – Keep it comfortable

When packing your belongings, be mindful of your pooch. Try to keep their bed, blankets and toys out of the boxes until it is time to move. This should help to keep their anxiety down, while keeping them comfortable too.

At the same time, if your dog is already using a dog bed (or a dog crate), consider taking it to your new house. Their bed will be something familiar in this new environment – it has their scent and it can help them settle in more easily. Once you are settled in, also think of setting a quiet area for them to stay, where they can be comfortable when they feel like resting.

4 – Keep it fun and familiar

We all take our time to adjust to changes and new routines. The same is true for our dogs. Some will adjust straight away, as if no changes happened, others may take a bit more time to feel like they have settled in. This could be a couple of days, or sometimes a bit longer.

Nevertheless, you should aim to spend some quality time with your dog, giving them the attention they deserve and require! Remember to keep things playful with your dog while you are moving and also when unpacking. Dedicate some time to play with your dog and positively reinforce the new routines you have been working on.

Sometimes it can help to stay at home for the first few days after moving. This can also help you understand how your dog behaves in this new setting and help them to adjust more calmly.

5 – Keep it stress-free

Throughout this process, it can sometimes be helpful to use supplements to tackle anxiety. If you anticipate your dog to be easily stressed by this change, you can talk to your Maven Vet (or your local Vet) about what options are available for your pooch.

Most of these are natural substances that promote a sensation of wellness. They can be of great assistance in helping your dog feel more comfortable before, during and after moving into your new place.

6 – Keep the rules

Although it can give you some anxiety to leave your dog or puppy alone at your new house, remember that keeping routines also means keeping rules.

If they’re not yet used to being alone, you’ll have to prepare your pooch to be comfortable when you’re not around. You can start by leaving for short periods of time when they are quietly asleep or playing with toys, and gradually lengthening that period over the following days.

There is no easy way around this – you’ll have to test your dog’s reaction. It may not happen overnight, but gradually this will help your pooch to feel okay on their own. Remember to always give them a toy to keep them entertained while you are absent, be patient and reward them for their good behavior!

That’s it – how to help a dog adjust to a new home in 6 easy steps! If you’ve been through this experience and got any advice to share, feel free to comment!

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