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10 of the Smartest Dog Breeds

They understand you, always know when there’s ham in the fridge (even if they’re too far to smell it) and can tell when you’ve had a bad day and need some cheering up. Although intelligence is not related with how much your dog loves you, it’s a trait you might be looking for when choosing the perfect furry friend. And if you intend to teach your new buddy some moves, cleverness is definitely an important aspect. Check out the top 10 smartest dog breeds below – some of these dogs could probably solve a Rubik’s Cube, given enough time! 💡

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Looking for someone to lead your cattle? This Australian breed won’t let you down! They’re always alert and possess a strong sense of loyalty. The Australian Cattle Dog’s “nerdy side” will make them get bored easily, so this energetic guy will be always looking for something to keep them occupied. Their intelligence also shows when they hide their toys… without ever losing them! 

9. Rottweiler

The typical German police dog – and there’s good reason for that. The Rottweiler is a brave dog breed, known by their accurate perception, extreme devotion, obedience and ability to recognize their leader. However, you’ll probably need to hire an expert to train them to their full potential! Their sense of loyalty is highly appreciated, so nowadays it’s becoming more and more common to find Rottweilers as family dogs.

8. Papillon

Don’t underestimate the Papillon (it means “butterfly” in French, because they kinda look like one when their ears are up)! Although their looks may deceive you, the Papillon is definitely not “Mr. Cuteness”… They’re stronger than they seem and have impressive stamina. Did you know this “big dog’s spirit in a little dog’s body” is not afraid of confronting dogs 10 times bigger?! They’re also able to learn very cool tricks. And you can easily give them some training classes – they don’t need much room, as they could almost fit inside a box of matches! 

7. Labrador Retriever

The most popular dog breed in the USA and Canada, and the name says it all: the “Lab” is good at retrieving items. The great advantage of choosing one as your buddy lies on their multiple benefits: Labradors are cute, loyal, affectionate and very smart, of course. You can easily train them, too. That’s why they’re good at rescues, at helping disabled and blind people and at… retrieving! Even when they’re relaxing, they’re always alert. 

6. Shetland Sheepdog

Count with us: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and puff, little Shetly has already learned a new ability! Yes, research says only five repetitions are needed to teach the Shetland something new. And why “Sheepdog”? Well, because they’re natural leaders, and won’t need any dog training classes to prevent your sheeps from being attacked.

5. Doberman Pinscher

What a look, what a presence… Did you know this dog was bred to intimidate debtors who owed tax money? Undoubtedly, the Doberman is brave, courageous, has a great physique and, above all, is very clever. One of the best guard dogs, police dogs and even war dogs, but at the same time, very kind and gentle. Thanks to their accurate perception, they understand their owner’s state of mind and will adjust their behavior accordingly.

4. Golden Retriever

Another ace at retrieving objects! Very similarly to Labradors, Golden Retrievers are also one of the smartest dog breeds. They’re very easy to train, and are able to do several tasks at once. They can assume many different roles, from rescue patrols to guide dogs, without forgetting the traditional family pet. “What about guard dog?” – you might be wondering. Well, usually that’s not really their forte – Golden Retrievers are too gentle to get aggressive.

3. German Shepherd 🥉

The best guard dog breed was also raised to be one of the smartest dog breeds! They only need a few repetitions to learn new commands, which proves how clever they are. Their obedience makes them one of the most easily trainable dogs. In the army, German Shepherds are even trained to jump with a parachute!

2. Poodle 🥈

Looking for a sporty dog? A swimmer? A hunter? Maybe even hiking or camping activities! The Poodle has enough energy and stamina for everything – no matter their size. Of course, they’re the kind of dog who will always look for something to do, sometimes getting themselves in trouble in the process. Obedience and quick learning skills are their main abilities. Intelligence? After all the activities we previously mentioned, what else can be said? 

1. Border Collie 🥇

This multifaceted breed can be your sheepdog, your sporty dog and your family dog. Keep them busy with regular exercise and you’ll see just how easy to train the Border Collie are – it takes 5 repetitions or less for them to learn a new trick! Socially speaking, this type of Collie breed isn’t jealous, so they’ll get along nicely with other dogs and people. However, those who act suspiciously will be closely supervised by the Border Collie – they’ll enter “vigilant mode”! Healthy body, healthy mind – this quote fits the Border Collie perfectly. For these reasons, the Border Collie tops our list of smartest dog breeds! 

Do you know other furry fellows who could make our list of smartest dog breeds? What’s the most intelligent decision you’ve ever seen a dog take?

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