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How To Keep House Clean With Dogs And Cats

Being diligent about pet-related hygiene chores is essential to keep your household safe and clean. Namely, it may prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases (the ones transmitted from animals to humans). Fortunately you don’t have to toil away for hours to achieve tidiness, so don’t panic. Here’s how to keep house clean with dogs and cats!

Just by doing some basic housekeeping tasks on a regular basis, you can ensure that your place looks and smells great… And also that it is a healthy environment for both you and your beloved furry friend. Follow these tips and let your home blossom!

Cleaning your cat’s litter box

Think about the funky smell of a full litter box… Eww! Is that alone not compelling enough for you to clean it up on a daily basis? Well, besides the disgusting smell, a dirty litter box is a fertile ground for a number of germs and intestinal parasites. Hookworms and roundworms breed quickly and can easily be transmitted to humans.

You should definitely clean the sand everyday, and the tray itself at least twice a week. For that, just empty the litter box and wash it with mild dish soap. Make sure you fully rinse and dry the tray and avoid using strong detergents. Intense smells may keep more sensitive cats away from the box.

Wash your pet’s bed regularly

Does your buddy have one of those fluffy, super warm and comfy beds? Those that are also extremely hard to clean, almost like the fur gets glued to its surface? First tip to master tidiness: get rid of it! Always select a bed that is easy to clean, first and foremost.

Even easy-to-clean fabrics are like a magnet for fur and dirt, as well as flea eggs, larvae, ticks and mites. That’s why you should wash your pet’s bed on the washing machine every week and vacuum it in-between!

Ensure an efficient flea and tick prevention

Protecting your pet with proper flea and tick prevention meds—not the homemade variety—is vital. Carefully assess the type of product that best suits your pet’s lifestyle (spot-on, collar or pills). Get in touch with Maven’s vet team or with your own vet to get more information on this matter.

To increase efficiency to the maximum, set up reminders on your phone calendar. That way, you won’t get lost when it’s time to apply a new dose.

Clean the food and water bowls regularly

I can bet you’re used to cleaning your dishes after eating, right? Pilling up dirty plates may constitute a hazard to your health, as they are a source of bacteria. This is also true for our pet’s bowls! You should wash them up daily and be especially diligent about cleaning self-watering bowls, since mold can be easily accumulated.

Wash and replace toys frequently

Pet toys might seem innocuous, but they can actually attract coliform bacteria, yeast, and mold. Wash hard toys with hot soapy water, and toss the soft ones in the washing machine.

Use the right type of cleaner

What you use to clean your house is as important as how often you clean. Some household cleaning products, like drain cleaners, concentrated dishwasher detergent, lime-removal products, oven cleaners, and concentrated toilet cleaners, are poisonous to pets. Regular soap and water are usually adequate. For heavy soils, a diluted bleach solution is an excellent disinfectant, but you must make sure the surface is well-rinsed.

Chemical cleaners can irritate your buddies’ respiratory tract, increasing the risk of asthma attacks if your cat suffers from this condition.

We strongly recommend you to use natural cleaners as much as you can manage, mainly those developed specifically for pet owners. Some rely on natural enzymes to remove pet stains and odors, plus grapefruit seed extract to disinfect. Avoid using any ammonia-based products, as the ammonia smell may encourage your pet to continuously mark the same spot.

How to kep house clean with dogs and cats – conclusion

Regarding how to keep house clean with dogs and cats, equipment can be a big help. A fully equipped vacuum cleaner will efficiently take care of the fur and any debris. All pet owners know by heart that as soon as they are done with vacuuming the house, it’s time to do it again… But do not get discouraged, and make sure you do it regularly!

Here are some extra tricks… In order to have the uttermost fun while making your home shiny, keep it simple and don’t forget to sing along the journey!

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