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How To Protect Dog Paws From Hot Pavement

Summer is a great season for outdoor activities! The days are longer, the sun is shining and staying behind closed doors is not that inviting anymore. Obviously, we want to take our pooches with us to enjoy these brighter days and live some adventures outdoors. However, we need to protect them from the dangers that the higher temperatures represent… And for that, knowing how to protect dog paws from hot pavement is essential! ♨️

Choose walking time carefully

The best moments of the day to go for a walk with your buddy is either early in the morning or late in the evening.

As the temperature rises throughout the day, the asphalt, concrete and even the sand at the beach becomes hotter. Even short walks can be dangerous as the surface can burn our buddies’ paws.

Always look for the shade while walking with your dog and, if possible, prefer to walk them over grass.

If you notice that the dog is walking uncomfortably, or even in a wobbly manner, be extra careful – their paws might already be burnt. If that’s the case, pick them up and end the walk. Visit a vet when possible, so they can prescribe the best ointment to treat the burn and avoid an infection.

Help their paws become stronger

Ideally, you should start preparing to protect your dog paws before the high temperatures come. You can also do it during summer, however, by choosing to walk the dog early in the morning or in late evenings/night.

The trick is to walk them on rough surfaces frequently, so the paws develop calluses. The coarser the skin, the more protected it will be against the heat.

Shoe time!

Dog shoes help to protect dog paws from hot pavement and harmful surfaces in general. Choose models with a rubber or neoprene sole, as these offer more protection than cute socks, for instance. They are also cooler (temperature-wise!). ❄️

Make sure the shoes fit the paws perfectly. Too tight and they will hurt them, too loose and they will affect the dog’s balance and the position of their paws on the floor.

They will also require a period of adaptation, during which your canine will be walking funny. Let them train at home until they can walk comfortably in them before taking your pooch for a walk outdoors!

Try paw balm/wax

These products are designed to protect dog paws from heat, rough surfaces and chemicals. All you need to do is apply this wax or balm just before you head out and you should be good.

Make sure to choose one from a verified brand and don’t substitute them for any other similar product you might have at home. You see – here’s an interesting dog fact you might not know – dogs have their sweat glands on their feet! If you apply an unfitting product, you might block these glands and hinder the dog’s capacity to regulate their body temperature.

Other care tips

Even if you follow the previous tips to protect dog paws from hot pavement carefully, make sure to always check how they are doing after a walk. Make sure they’re not injured and their paw pads are in top shape!

If their paws get too dry, they might crack and become sensitive to infections or make walking painful to your pooch. Wash them with cold water after a trip outdoors to remove any dirt, and apply a good dog moisturizing cream so the skin remains healthy. It will also help to soothe any traces of a possible burn.

If the dog chews or licks their paws constantly or if you notice any blisters or redness, it is advisable to visit a vet to have them properly checked. Don’t try to heal them at home, as the discomfort might have another cause that’s unrelated to the heat. It could be, for instance, an issue of dog allergies, in which case the vet might recommend a specific treatment.

Final Thoughts

That’s our advice on how to protect dog paws from hot pavement! When it comes to this matter, the most important thing is to be sensible. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes: if you wouldn’t walk barefoot on pavement in a hot summer day, don’t make your buddy do it either. Besides, it’s always more pleasant to have a walk outside when the air is fresh rather than under a hot sun!

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