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“Is My Dog Overweight?” – How To Be Sure

If you’re wondering “Is my dog overweight?” and want to know how to be sure, we’ve got everything you need to know right here!

“Is My Dog Overweight?”

When it comes to assessing your dog’s body condition, weight is only half the story! Although regular weight checks can be useful for detecting changes in body mass, it is also important to physically assess your dog to see if any extra weight gain is creeping in. This can be a particular problem in dogs as they get older and activity levels start to reduce.

How To Assess Your Dog’s Body Shape

To decide if your dog is overweight, the best place to start is with a body shape assessment. Get down to your dog’s level and use your hands to feel any potential problem areas. That soft, fluffy coat can hide a multitude of sins!


The first thing to do is to run your hands over your dog’s ribs. You should be able to feel each rib with a light touch. If you need to press down hard to feel them, your dog may be overweight.


Next, look at your dog’s waistline by looking down at them from above, and then from the side. For long-haired dogs, it may be easier to feel the waistline with your hands.

A healthy dog should have a slightly tapered waist and a visible belly tuck. If your dog is round and lacks a waistline, this may indicate that they are overweight.

Fat Pads

Lastly, check your dog’s back, hips, and shoulders for fat pads – slightly raised deposits of fat that develop in overweight dogs. A fit dog should have a straight spine and no visible fat deposits around their hips or shoulders. If you feel lumps, this may indicate that your dog is overweight.

“Is My Dog Overweight?” – Final Thoughts

Any of these signs that your dog is overweight should be taken seriously, as they are all risk factors for serious health problems for your precious pooch. Dogs that are overweight or obese are not only more likely to suffer from diabetes, joint problems, and cancer, but they also have a shorter lifespan than their fit and healthy canine buddies.

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