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Diagnosing and Managing Joint Disease in Dogs and Cats Just Became Easier

Joint issues can be very painful for our buddies, severely limiting their mobility and overall quality of life. Learn how Maven’s AI-Vet™ helps your vet diagnose and manage joint disease in dogs and cats, allowing them to stay agile and pain-free for longer… So they can keep moving you!

A first look at the issue

Mobility is key to a healthy quality of life, and pets are no exception.

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 dogs is diagnosed with osteoarthritis in their lifetime. At the same time, somewhere between 40 and 92% of cats are affected by degenerative joint disease.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how many more of our furry friends are suffering due to undiagnosed pain. The main cause being that pet parents are unable to recognize the signs of pain in their pets, particularly early on.

Small differences in behavior can be the only signs that something is starting to go wrong. When recognized, they should receive immediate veterinary attention. If left untreated, small mobility issues will often evolve to become more serious, further affecting our furry friends’ quality of life and even placing their life in danger.

AI-Vet™ steps in

Not only does Maven AI-Vet™ alert your vet for possible signs of joint disease and other mobility issues your pet may be developing early on… But it also helps in managing the condition after it is diagnosed, so that you and your floof can keep taking steps together!

It identifies symptoms such as:

  • Reduced activity or other relevant changes in physical activity;
  • More rest periods or sleep interruptions than usual;
  • Lameness (an abnormal gait or stance that prevents your pet from walking correctly);
  • Less playfulness and other behavior changes;

As previously mentioned, while changes may be slow and gradual at first, they will become more severe if left unrecognized. Early detection and treatment is key to ensure your buddy remains pain-free and happy!

How AI-Vet™ helps with mobility issues, step by step

From osteoarthritis to joint disease in dogs and cats, Maven’s AI-Vet™ helps identify and manage several conditions that may affect your pet’s mobility and maintain a healthy quality of life. Here’s how the process goes, in 5 simple steps:

Step 1
Your pet starts being monitored by AI-Vet™. It tracks their daily activity and rest, creating patterns as time progresses. At the same time, you can report any symptoms or observations via the app.

Step 2
AI-Vet™ continuously analyzes all the information in order to look for possible existing or developing issues, including sudden pattern changes, sleep interruptions, uncommon behaviors and more.

Step 3
Your buddy’s personal medical history and their breed’s health trends are also considered for more accurate results. Any anomalies are flagged and reported to your vet.

Step 4
Your vet looks into the issue and follows up with you. Once the diagnosis is confirmed and they decide the best course of action, treatment starts. Early detection leads to better outcomes!

Step 5
During the recovery process, AI-Vet™’s continuous monitoring helps your vet keep up with your buddy’s progress and make any necessary adjustments for optimal results. Watch as your floof improves and enjoy their company to the fullest!

Get Maven AI-Vet™ for your pet today

Visit our website to learn more about how our service works and how it is already making a difference in the real world. Guarantee the best results and worry less with Maven AI-Vet™!

Maven Pet focuses on improving the quality of life of our pets with technology. AI-Vet™, the company’s innovative pet care platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable proactive pet care. By accurately collecting and monitoring pet data and alerting veterinarians of any irregularities, Maven Pet empowers them to stay ahead of potential health issues, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our beloved companions.

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