Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

Can Dogs Eat Raisins?

Raisins are a sweet and tasty snack that many people enjoy, especially children. These little dried fruits are hard to stop eating once you start! But are they a good idea for your furry friend? Can dogs eat raisins, or are they toxic to dogs?

Can dogs eat raisins?

No, raisins are absolutely not safe for dogs to eat. In fact, raisins are one of the most toxic foods you could give to your dog!

The reason why many dogs have toxic side effects from eating raisins is not fully understood, but it is known that a chemical compound in them can cause rapid kidney damage, often leading to catastrophic kidney failure. The same applies to grapes, the fruit used to make raisins.

Unfortunately, there is no way of predicting which dogs will be badly affected by eating raisins. A small dog may eat a handful of raisins without any problems, while a large dog could experience severe symptoms from consuming just a few raisins.

As it is impossible to predict which dogs will succumb to raisin toxicity, it is a good idea to avoid feeding them to dogs altogether.

What are the signs of toxicity?

The symptoms of raisin toxicity in dogs tend to occur 12-24 hours after the dog eats them. These signs can include:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea. You may see raisins in your dog’s vomit or feces.
  • Increased urination and thirst, indicating the initial stages of kidney dysfunction
  • Dehydration, lethargy, and foul-smelling breath
  • Reduced appetite

If a dog who is showing signs of raisin toxicity does not receive urgent veterinary attention, it will quickly progress into full and irreversible kidney failure.

What to do if my dog ate raisins?

If your dog has eaten raisins, this should be regarded as an emergency situation. Once symptoms have started to occur the kidneys will already be severely damaged, so it is better to preventative measures straight away.

Dogs react to grape and raisin toxicity in very different ways – even one raisin may be enough to make your dog sick, no matter their size, age, or health status.

However, the more raisins your dog has eaten, the greater the risk of toxic side effects. Contact your veterinary clinic immediately to arrange an emergency consultation. They may recommend that you induce your dog to vomit, however, this should never be undertaken without prior veterinary advice.

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