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Maven AI-Vet™ Success Stories: Monitoring Monte’s Treatment for Heartworms

The landscape of veterinary care is ever-evolving, and the introduction of Maven’s AI-Vet™ is changing the game. Thanks to a whole new world of accurate information at their disposal about each patient, vets have never been more in control. This is how Maven’s AI-Vet™ is helping our friend Monte after he initiated his treatment for heartworms, monitoring any possible complications.

The patient: Monte, Dachshund

Monte is a 1-year-old male Dachshund, neutered, and weighing about 31 pounds. His daily activity is known to be generally low, with no daily walks and a mostly indoors lifestyle. 

Monte has a history of skin allergies and had initiated the recommended treatment plan for heartworm disease, which had been previously diagnosed. The respiratory and cardiovascular consequences of heartworms and its treatment require that Monte’s activity level is kept low.

Key data points collected

During Monte’s initial days with Maven, a lot of information on his activity patterns was collected and analyzed. As previously mentioned, keeping Monte’s activity in check was essential. The continuous data collection along with AI-Vet™’s valuable reports allowed Monte’s local vet to monitor the patient everyday, without adding any extra work to their already busy schedule.

At a certain point, the AI-Vet™ flagged a substantial increase in Monte’s activity levels. They were consistently higher than on the initial days of monitoring, and in-person monitoring was recommended.

Some changes in Monte’s night time activity were also noted. Up to this point, it had been uncommon for the pet to be active during the night… Possibly indicating some restlessness, which could be related to the increase in activity and some level of cardiac impairment.

Detection and treatment

AI-Vet™ alerted Monte’s vet to all of the above. To sum things up, he was possibly having too much activity, while also not getting the recommended breaks he needed… And finally, there was some restlessness during the night. Monte was showing some signs of cardiac impairment, which, if consistent, should be readily evaluated.

The perception of Monte’s activity proved to be essential for the monitoring of this patient. When there’s suspicion of respiratory distress resulting from inadequate cardiac output (as was Monte’s case), AI-Vet™’s input is particularly helpful. Once alerted, the local vet can then proactively check with the pet parent whether they noticed any signs of distress, and get all the details directly from them. 

The vet is able to anticipate a possible issue before it becomes more serious. And since they’re only notified when it’s time to act, AI-Vet™’s intervention doesn’t interfere with their already busy schedule. This methodology permits an earlier and more efficient intervention, tackling the problem immediately and leading to improved outcomes.


With Maven AI-Vet™’s accurate activity monitoring and detailed analyses, pets are no longer left unsupervised while at home. Patient monitoring becomes easier and more precise, making AI-Vet™ the perfect tool to assist every professional. The way it assisted Monte’s vet while the dog was being treated for heartworms is a perfect representation of its utility.

From day-to-day patient care to post-op monitoring, Maven’s service provides all the information vets could need in the palm of their hand… Leading to the early detection of possible developing issues or illnesses.

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Maven Pet focuses on improving the quality of life of our pets with technology. AI-Vet™, the company’s innovative pet care platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable proactive pet care. By accurately collecting and monitoring pet data and alerting veterinarians of any irregularities, Maven Pet empowers them to stay ahead of potential health issues, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our beloved companions.

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