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Meet the Secret Weapon that Helps Vets Control Pet Skin Allergies

Pet skin allergies are a common issue, particularly in dogs and cats. Unfortunately for our furry friends, they can be quite challenging to deal with, too. So how can Maven AI-Vet™ help us better monitor or even identify flare-ups of this condition? Let’s dive in!

How Maven AI-Vet™ works

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Maven continuously retrieves information on each pet’s daily activity and rest patterns through data collected by the Maven smart collar. At the same time, the pet’s parents can register other relevant information on the companion mobile app. This information (including medical history, any new symptoms, observations and more) is collected through regular health checkups, a journal, and other tools – allowing pet parents to provide detailed and meaningful health-related elements.

By combining and analyzing all the collected data, Maven’s AI-Vet™ can identify significant changes that might indicate pet health issues – like skin allergies.

Making the diagnostic process easier for vets

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A significant increase in nighttime activity and relevant changes detected through the app, for example via health check-ups, can lead to the early detection of symptoms associated with pet skin allergies, like itching and discomfort.

Not only does Maven facilitate the collection of this data, but the AI-Vet™ will also notify the vet when it detects possible issues after analyzing it and integrating it with the pet’s individual traits and susceptibilities. This process can lead to an easier and more accurate diagnosis, since it is based on concrete data.

Monitoring the pet’s response to medication

Let’s say a pet has been diagnosed with skin allergies – how can Maven help then? There are several parameters that can be important to monitor, which could give us an idea of the patient’s status.

When it comes to nighttime activity, for example, an unusual increase in its amount and distribution could indicate discomfort for the pet. Nighttime interruptions and restlessness can mean the pet is not coping well with the medication that has been prescribed… Or that the issue affecting them isn’t being completely addressed yet. Maven’s AI-Vet™is always on the lookout!

Detecting future flare-ups

After a course of action has been established and the pet is going through it, Maven can also make things easier by detecting when future allergy flare-ups might be occurring.

Any relevant changes in the pet’s resting patterns or irregular data inputs gathered via the app’s health check-ups or journal will be flagged. Those can indicate that the pet might be having an allergy flare-up, needing some extra medication. The vet will be notified so they can take a closer look at the information, and follow up with the dog or cat’s human parents.

Uncovering possible patterns

By continuously analyzing all the collected data – from activity and rest tracking to health check-ups, journal entries, and the pet’s own traits and medical history – Maven’s AI-Vet™ can detect eventual allergy patterns. In such cases, it could even single out flare-ups in their early stages, making them easier to manage and leading to better outcomes.

Final thoughts

By accurately monitoring each pet’s activity and collecting all the objective and high-resolution data previously mentioned, both before and after the identification of the health condition, Maven has access to an unprecedented amount of valuable information… And AI-Vet™ makes the best of it.

This data-based approach can potentially enable the early detection of illnesses in dogs and cats. Therefore, it can help vet practices, clinics and hospitals provide better care… And all without any extra work for the staff, as they’re only notified and prompted to act when the situation justifies it.

Maven Pet focuses on improving the quality of life of our pets with technology. AI-Vet™, the company’s innovative pet care platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable proactive pet care. By accurately collecting and monitoring pet data and alerting veterinarians of any irregularities, Maven Pet empowers them to stay ahead of potential health issues, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our beloved companions.

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