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Christmas pet postcard: get your own!

The Holidays are here! It’s time to celebrate – and of course, we want our furry friends to be involved… So we’re turning them into the purrfect Christmas pet postcard for you to send all your loved ones!🐱 🐶 🎄

Here’s how you can get your own:

Just visit our socials, comment on the campaign post with your pet’s picture, and we’ll answer with the postcard! 🌟

It’s that simple! ❤️

This campaign will be running from December 13 to 19. Come get your custom pet postcard, share it with your friends and family, and spread that Christmas joy!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas pet postcard: get your own!

    1. Hi! Just comment on the above linked Facebook post with a photo of your pet, and you’ll receive a reply with the postcard! 🙂 Best regards!

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