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Welcome to All About Pets, Maven ’s space dedicated to everything you need to know about our furry friends. We’ll be sharing a bit of everything related to dogs and cats here… From specialized articles written by our Veterinarians, to educational how-to guides, and more light-hearted content.

What is Maven?

So what is Maven? Well, we focus on improving your pet’s quality of life with technology. Maven is a way to keep track of your buddy’s safety, health and well-being continuously through your own personal Vet. Pets don’t talk – so we help them communicate.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to realize our furry friend is missing or unwell. We set out to figure how to address both issues in the best way, and that’s how Maven came about. Now we’re building Maven to be the solution to those problems, and much more!

How does Maven work?

Here’s how it works: with our equipment, we gather detailed information about the dog or cat’s location and activity over time, which is cross-referenced with their individual profile (breed, age, weight…) by Maven’s AI. The platform detects any relevant behavior changes, which are brought to the Vet’s attention for further examination.

The professional can then alert the owner, identifying escape attempts or diagnosing conditions such as separation anxiety, lethargy, sleep disorders, behavior issues and more – and producing valuable insights that effectively improve each pet’s quality of life!

How can you join?

We’re currently running a small beta, and although new invites are limited, we’re releasing a few as often as possible for members at the top of the waiting list. You can sign up now to get early access! The full launch is in the works for later this year.

We hope you enjoy our content – see you around!

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