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Unlocking Better Outcomes For Heart Disease In Dogs And Cats

How serious is heart disease in dogs and cats, and how can Maven’s AI-Vet™ help your vet identify and manage it? Let’s find out!

Let’s look at the facts

Heart disease is very much a concern for every pet owner. It’s estimated that over 10% of animals examined by a veterinarian have some form of cardiovascular disease, and when it comes to dogs, the percentage rises to more than 15%.

While heart disease sadly can’t be cured (or prevented, except for heartworm disease), we can still offer our buddies a good quality of life with early diagnosis and treatment.

In fact, several studies in this area (such as the EPIC trial in 2018) have proven that the earlier the treatment starts, the better the outcomes for our furry friends. And when we say “early”, we mean it – we’re talking about when symptoms are still subtle and barely noticeable.

Unlike diseases affecting other organ systems, cardiovascular issues tend to become over serious over time… Until they eventually lead to death. And since the heart cannot be seen, they can be harder to detect, which just makes things more complicated.

How Maven’s AI-Vet™ helps

As mentioned above, signs of possible cardiac issues should be looked into as soon as possible. Maven’s AI-Vet™ lets veterinarians keep an eye on those indicators of heart disease in dogs and cats, including:

  • Relevant changes in the pet’s respiratory rate, which is automatically monitored;
  • Sudden increases in activity or other changes in the pet’s usual activity patterns;
  • Any restlessness during the nighttime;
  • Any symptoms or odd behaviors reported by the pet parent via the app.

If there’s cause for concern, the vet will immediately be alerted, so they can look into what’s happening and follow up accordingly with the pet parent. AI-Vet™ helps vet teams identify any anomalies and act decisively to preserve your pet’s quality of life!

Monte’s case: how we helped his recovery

If you’re a regular visitor of our blog, you may already be familiar with our friend Monte and his bout with heartworm disease. If not, we’ll cut to the chase – here’s how we helped his recovery in 5 steps:

Step 1
A 1-year-old female Dachshund, Monte was initiating her treatment plan for heartworm disease and started to be monitored by AI-Vet™. Due to her condition, she needed to keep a low activity level.

Step 2
As Monte’s activity was collected and analyzed, the AI-Vet™ eventually flagged a major increase in her activity levels, which were consistently higher than when she started to be followed.

Step 3
Some uncommon activity during the nighttime was also noted – a sign of restlessness and possibly that she was in pain. Her vet was promptly notified and a consultation was booked.

Step 4
Monte’s vet then proactively checked if her pet mom had noticed any signs of distress and other details. A possible issue was anticipated before it became more serious, permitting an earlier and more efficient intervention.

Step 5
As the problem was identified and tackled immediately, the outcome was the best possible one: Monte’s medication and routine was adjusted, and her treatment continued without issue. She remains a happy floof!

Get Maven AI-Vet™ for your pet today

For more on our service works and how it is already making a real difference in the lives of pets everywhere, visit our website. Guarantee the best results and worry less with Maven AI-Vet™!

Maven Pet focuses on improving the quality of life of our pets with technology. AI-Vet™, the company’s innovative pet care platform, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable proactive pet care. By accurately collecting and monitoring pet data and alerting veterinarians of any irregularities, Maven Pet empowers them to stay ahead of potential health issues, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our beloved companions.

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