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National Cat Day: Help Us Save Lives

We’re building Maven to help all pets, and we want to make a difference from day one. This National Cat Day, we’re running a new campaign to help our feline friends.

➡️ We’ll donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society for each person who joins our waiting list. Where can you join? Right here!

By joining (without commitment), you guarantee:

• ❤️ We’ll donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society;

• 💰 You’ll receive the devices for free if you decide to get onboard later;

This campaign is valid until November 5, so spread the word – the more people join, the more we’ll donate. Happy National Cat Day!

Maven is all about proactive pet care. It tracks your dog or cat’s health and well-being 24/7, while the Maven Vet Team continuously analyzes their data and behavioral patterns to give you tailored insights that effectively improve your pet’s life, and ultimately, their happiness.  Get early access now at www.maven.pet

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